Sitemap - 2023 - Play Makes Us Human

S2. What Readers Say They Would Do if They Had More Free Time

#26. Why Do We Work So Much?

S1. What Would You Do if You Had More Free Time?

#25. Why Hunter-Gatherers' Work Was Play

#24. When Work Is Play

D8. Multiple Causes of Increase in Teen Suicides Since 2008

D7. Benefits and Challenges of Social Media Use for Teens, and How to Meet the Challenges

D6. Can Increased Use of Digital Technology Explain the Sharp Rise in Teen Suicides from 2008 to 2019?

D5. Why Did Teens' Suicides Increase Sharply from 2008 to 2019?

D4. The Decline in Kids’ Freedom from 1950 to 1990 was Gradual, with Multiple Causes.

D3. Why Did Teen Suicides (Especially for Boys) Decline Sharply from 1990 to 2005?

#23. Make-Believe Is How We Find Meaning in Life

D2. Why Did Teen Suicides (Especially for Boys) Increase Sharply from 1950 to 1990?

#22. The Playful Nature of Hunter-Gatherer Religions

#21. The Play Theory of Hunter-Gatherer Egalitarianism

D1. How Might We Explain the Huge Changes in Suicide Rates for Teens Over the Past 7 Decades?

#20. Play Can Tip the Balance from Despotic Toward Egalitarian Living: The Case for Macaques

#19. How Play Enables Female Bonobos to Prevent Male Dominance

#18. How Play Promotes Cooperation in Adult Mammals

#17. Play, Contest, and Games: What Are the Differences?

#16. The Most Fundamental Right is the Right to Quit

#15. Play Deficit as Cause of Decline in Children’s Mental Health

#14. Enabling Children’s Play

#13. Parent-Child Play: When Is It Real and When Is It Not?

#12. Age-Mixed Play III: Play is More Playful When it is Age-Mixed

#11. Age-Mixed Play II: Its Benefits for Social Development

#10. The Special Value of Age-Mixed Play I: How Age Mixing Promotes Learning

#9. Why Adult-Directed Sports Are No Substitute for Kid-Directed Play

#8. Risky Play: Why Children Seek It and Need It

#7. Beyond Groos: A Biological Theory of Education

#6. Qualities of Play that Make It Ideal for Acquiring Skills

#5. Play Is How Children Practice All Essential Human Skills

#4. The Greatest Play Theorist You Probably Never Heard of--Karl Groos

#3. Why Do We Play?

#2. What Exactly Is Play?

#1. Introduction to a New Substack